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David Moyer

David is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and has several years of experience in providing care for parents. He and his wife Melody have advocated on behalf of their parents to state governments, the Social Security Administration, insurance companies, doctors ( GPs and several specialists), nurses, surgeons, and long term care facilities. Having experienced their struggles first-hand and seen many others struggle as well, David developed this course to lessen the burden and provide confidence to those providing care for the first or the tenth time.

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About this course

Welcome to ElderHonor's course on Last Chapters!  We look forward to engaging with you during the course to provide a better caregiving experience.  

We give you lot's of information to work through, along with assessments and worksheets for you to fill out during or after each lesson.  We recommend you start right after each lesson so the material is fresh.  Know that you can come back and review lessons at any time.

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